I've had Comcast internet for years because of their high speeds and never had much problem with it.in June I decided to include their TV as part of a bundle. Since that time I have had many problems with the service, especially related to pausing or rewinding live TV. Someone in the household may need my help for a few minutes or UPS might ring the doorbell to deliver the package. When I return to the TV and try to rewind the last 3-5 minutes the service often freezes – I can no longer watch ANYTHING!

So now, not only am I missing the 3-5 minutes but I am also missing the rest of my program! I will then call Comcast and they will try to reset the services. After about 20 minutes on the phone with Comcast they will reset my equipment to get it to work again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (am not able to pause or rewind live tv), but in most cases I can at least watch TV again.

This happens at least 3 times a week since the beginning of September. I decided to call Comcast to try to get out of my contract since it is too frustrating! They appear to be having technical problems with their equipment today so they (accidentally, I hope) disconnected me just when I was about to talk to who I hoped was the 'right person'. My experience with Comcast is just too frustrating. I lose at least 2-3 hours per week and miss at least 2-3 shows each week that I was in the middle of watching. This is ridiculous! They've had technicians come to my home at least twice to try to correct this problem, but to no avail.

Comcast customer service is nonexistent. I would give them ZERO out of TEN stars if I could. Their problems are systemic so, where I once agreed to have a callback to answer questions about their customer service I no longer do that because it doesn't lead anywhere. The Reps are mostly nice and competent, but their infrastructure and policies are so backwards that the Reps can't save the day. They only want to know about the interactions with the Reps but they are limited to what they can actually affect.

I want to be let out of my two year contract and go back to U-verse for television. It bundles Internet, Phone, and TV when I transfer my service to them in June. I do not want to have to pay a penalty since it is Comcast's very poor service that is causing me to have to change. At this moment, something happened and I cannot watch ANY TV. I'm on hold with Comcast now, waiting for someone who I hope can fix my immediate problem, and also re-fix the ongoing problem of not being able to rewind/pause live tv.

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