Our cable and Internet line was cut yesterday (Thursday) and when I called to tell them that exact thing they told they have to troubleshoot it from their office; okay fine but when you couldn't get it fixed you think that they would believe me then? Nope! They told me the next available tech would be out on Monday and I told them fine but if you get any cancellations we would like to be put in that slot. I get a call today (Friday) from a guy whom I can't understand tell me that our service should be fixed now and I said "oh you guys had someone replace the line?" He said, "No we repaired it from our end."

Again don't believe me when I said that our line was cut! I told him Internet is still out and so I turned on all tv's and they are all out… Still (big surprise there) and I told him so. He said, "Okay I see you have a appointment on Monday. The technician will be out and he will fix it…" Okaaayyy seriously what was the point of that phone call when I told them the issue. Our neighbors line was cut. He has AT&T and they were out within an hour to repair his line!!! What the heck Comcast! Not very happy at all with them right now! I wish we would of never signed the two year agreement that way we could switch right now! Your customer service really stinks.

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