They disconnected my cable and Internet, because they claim that a past balance from a year ago which is $542.00 was never paid, when I tried to explain to them that they must of had a computer error! Cause I never lived in that address, they didn't help me at all, instead they kept suggesting me to pay a bill that doesn't belong to me! So I went to their nearest office and spoke to an agent, and still got nowhere! 3 days later I tried calling again and the agent told me that my bill is only 77$ and that the reason they disconnected me was because they put in the notes as if I wanted to cancel services, which obviously was not me!

So I paid the 77$ and right away my services was on. The next day I come home from work and once again my services is off!!! I call again and the agent tells me there's nothing him or the manager can do about turning on my services because I need to speak to loss prevention and they not available 'till the following day! He also said the reason for my disconnection once again is because that $542 balance popped up again! At this point I feel like they are not caring for their customers! Not trying to fix the problem on their end! And now I have no services even though I pay my bill on time! I'm so disappointed.

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