This is actually a long story but to keep it short. I called and spoke to multiple staff who expressed I was never in a contract. I called because I noticed that I was paying more than usual. I wanted to discontinue service because I wasn't impressed with their customer service and the rate of the bill changed. I had only had the service for nearly a year. With the confidence of trusting their staff, I closed my account because I wasn't in a contract. Or so they said. Now that I closed the account, they are charging me a $600 dollar termination fee. Absolutely blows my mind. Not only that, but they never sent me the bill for the $600. They just threw it into collections without communicating to me at all. What exactly did you do to receive an extra $600? Because I brought everything back to them. I didn't have them do anything. They are full of it. This is excessive.

My proposal: if you have access to EPB, use them. EPB doesn't charge for installation, no contract, no termination fees. Strictly a monthly bill. Comcast is a corrupt cooperation ripping people off day by day. I promise that Comcast won't just lose my business. But the business of every friend and relative I can speak with. Everyone in my city is dropping it for EPB anyway. I will never use this service ever again.

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