We are a retail grocery doing 500 – 1000 sales a day. 75% of them are credit card processed via internet.
We lost internet and all 5 phone lines Monday 11:15am. They promised a repair teck 1-5pm. I called 5 times between 4pm and 7pm them giving false promises every time until 7pm. When I gave up.
Tuesday I called in again at 6am. They gave a time of 8-10am for a teck. One finally arrived at 10:30am. We finally got service at 11:20am. The outage cost us well over $250 in just labor costs to take and
key credit cards manually not to mention the lost sales for being down so long. Their normal credit for such an outage is just lost service time. ($8.00) I asked for 2 months credit. ($500) They only gave $100. I wasn't to happy hense this review. If your business depends on internet beware of Comcast!

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