We've had Comcast 5 yrs now at this residence. No problems really til this major one. It was a Sunday, the Doberman started barking. I look out and a man is in my yard, I see a Comcast truck. Nobody called for help with our services so I went out into my yard. He said he had to check because of interference in the line. I was on Twitter all day, and on the phone with my other half for well over a hour. Not once did I have a problem. So he goes on his merry way. I get inside, my son is having a fit his WiFi is now out on the tablet. I pick up the phone and I have no service. I call a rep with my cell that service isn't the greatest out here. I get a run around bent over and…

Then I call in the morning some how she gets the service working. Next morning no service again. So I call, we schedule for Saturday. Later on Monday unannounced service techs show up. My phone and Internet still does not work. I call… They checked the wires, and left. Still nothing. Any words left to say won't be appropriate.

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