I booked 2 nights at the comfort inn in Oak Grove, Kentucky. We were there for a funeral. When we checked in (3 adults & a 4 yr old) we were not informed about the cable being out in our room. Some rooms had cable ours did not. We put our bags in the room then went to see family. When we did get back we found the room had ladybugs crawling all over the windows and walls. Then to make matters worse, the next morning after being told she can swim in the pool, when my daughter went to take her to the pool, she was informed that it was closed because the windows were fogged!
I went to the front desk to complain and all i got was I'm sorry nolet me get you ananother room, let me discount your bill. So i told tge girl to just get my bill, she says ok. Nothing was done to make me feel better about my stay at your hotel.
I got to pay $110.19 for a miserable time!

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