My boyfriend and I stayed in a Comfort Inn in Davenport, Florida. When I arrived back home and checked my bank account there was 2 charges on it. One for the stay and a $250 charge for violating the no smoking policy. I have never smoked in my life, I am a senior citizen 77 years old. My boyfriend smokes cigars and NEVER smokes in the house, his car or hotel rooms!!! The staff at the hotel were very rude when I called told me to call the Manager next day, and hung up on me. I called the next day and was not allowed to speak to a Manager. When I asked why, the staff member said because I had mentioned speaking to an Attorney. I have stayed in many non smoking hotel rooms but have never been accused of violating a non-smoking policy. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay over $300 dollars for a room!!! I will never stay at a Comfort Inn again. Do you think I would be making this comment if I did violate the hotel policy. I wouldn't be wasting my time talking to deaf ears!!!

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