My husband and I and our two dogs made a trip to Asheboro, NC for a small reunion. We checked in on 11/7 and checked out on 11/8. During our stay, the overall energy and look of the hotel was somewhat unpleasant. Not to the mention the front desk telling me that she didn't like any dogs except for hers. It was a strange encounter but I knew we would only be staying for one night, so I wasn't worried.

When we checked out on 11/8, I cancelled our reservations for December because I made other arrangements with much nicer and reputable hotel in the area. During our trip back to Nashville, I checked our bank statement and noticed an additional $150 charged from Comfort Inn. I immediately contacted the hotel and asked about the charge and they said it was a smoking damage fee. I stated that we did not smoke in our room but she said she couldn't help me back it was only her there. She told me that I would need to contact the manager in the morning. Huge red flag, general customer service would always get the consumer contact information and have the manager contact them.

On 11/9 I contacted the hotel and the front desk told me the manager was in the hallway and to call back in 25 minutes. I was frustrated again. I called the Choice Hotels customer care and spoke with a representative. He then told me he would file a complaint but it was up to the manager to reimburse the charges or not. I then called the hotel to try for the manager again. I finally reached the manager and told him our situation and he then said they charged us because we smoked marijuana in our room! I was extremely taken back and stated that we did NOT smoke marijuana in our room.

He then stated it took several of his staff and a very expensive cleaning machine to clean out the smoke and that he had an affidavit signed that we smoke marijuana in the room. I stated again that we did NOT smoke marijuana and this was the most ridiculous accusation I have ever heard and wanted our money back. He then stated how long he has been in management and he has never seen anything this before and by that point I had handed my phone to my husband and the manager hung up on him.

I then immediately called the Asheboro Police Department to tell them what had happened and out of genuine concern of the safety of that hotel. I was then directed on what I could do. I called the hotel back to let them know that we were in contact with a lawyer for the charge of defamation of character and slander, disputing the charge with our bank and as filing a civil suit. I have contacted the BBB as well as posting several reviews for this hotel. I am taken back by the lack of customer service as well as the accusation of my husband and I smoking drugs in the hotel room, which is clearly not the case. $150 is nothing, but it's the principle behind the matter and how we were accused. We will voice out our experience so this does not happen to someone else. We were clearly scammed out of money.

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