My husband and myself stayed at the Comfort Inn in Mifflinville, PA on August 16th. There was no phone in our room. The television was only giving two stations and both were blurry. This was Direct TV. I went to the front desk to ask about this (since I had no phone in the room) three times and each time was told it would be fixed shortly. It never was.

The chair for the desk was so large that in order to get to the window and the temperature controls, one had to crawl over the bed.

The Wi-Fi would not work, though I was told that it should.

When I complained about these things the next morning, the manager was not very apologetic and said she would take 10% off the bill, which she did. I believe these problems warranted more empathy and compensation.

I wrote to the hotel and I tried to write through your websites asking that the letter be sent on. There was no complaint email address at any of the websites. I never heard back. I am trying again through this site.

While I was in the lobby at the computer, I heard a woman at the desk complaining. I did not hear the reason, but she was not treated well and said that she would never use your hotels again and walked out.

I concur.

Please give me the consideration of a reply.

Mary Alice Dandrea

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