Went thru choice hotel group (partner store of the Amway Corp), to book a room to accomodate my husband, who was sent to Indiana for work. He left home in central Wis Sunday, 11/22/15 while I was at work. He took our membership cards (for the hotels that we have membership/reward/points cards for) but forgot the credit card that we're putting his room charges on. I booked the room with James, rec'd conf #66850590 & explained that I needed to pay for his room with the cc by phone, as I did for his stay in Danville, IL last night (at the Super 8; part of the Wyndham hotel group). James told me all I had to do was call the hotel and pay for his room by phone, and he would be all set.
I called the Comfort inn at 9090 Wesleyan Rd., Indianapolis, IN, 46268."Kim" (front desk) answered and I explained the situation and she told me that she couldn't take the payment that way. I asked if I could speak to a manager. She put me on hold and called the manager (or said she did). She came back and said I couldn't make the payment that way, even with the situation. I asked for the contact number for the manager or to have the mgr call me back and she told me I was just looking for a fight, and she wasn't going to do this. My husband is 2-1/2 states from home, without the cc for the room, type 2 diabetic and needs to get into a room. Now, an hour later (613pm) he is still without a room, and I am on hold (by Shimaiane #121051 at the Choice hotel group customer assistance dept) trying to report this PROBLEM. This is insane—all I am trying to do is get him a room, and then leave home myself to get my kids to their obligations here. Shimaiane #0121051 transferred me to Michael-Supervisor #121503 so I could requst a copy of the screenshot of the conversation between Kim @ Comfort Inn @ Indianapolis, and herself cancelling the reservation (cancel #933149410), and they both said I couldn't have that info—after keeping me on hold (the duration of this call was from 538pm-622pm central time). Who has that kind of time to resolve an issue??? My husband is type 2 diabetic, 2 states from home; forgot his cc and no one would work with us. Danville, IL Super 8 did. Kim at the subject comfort inn, and her supposed calls to her manager (which I question actually existed) flat out refused. This type of customer service is unbelievable.

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