Comfort Inn Suites 6224 Torok Circle, Huntsville, AL The 1 star is only because the person at the front desk was courteous. I checked in on 21 Oct 2015 and checked out on 22 October. I saw small bumps on my face. The morning of 23 October there were more bumps that appeared in my hair, neck chest and under arm. I also have a small hole on the side of my nose, under my right breast area from the scabs from the mites. I called the manager and she told me her name was. I explained in detail what was on my body as a result of the stay the night before. She immediately dismissed my accusation. I also recorded her saying that the sheets and pillows from each room are washed and cleaned every day.

I told her that the bumps that I have on my body aren't normal asked her to think of it as if she had a mom or sister that stayed at a hotel and then the next morning they had bumps on the body. She said that she was call the commercial Cooks pest control and have them come and look at the room. Several hours later I received a phone message that they inspected the room and found nothing. However, I actually called the place myself to see if anyone was called to the facility to check and I was told no. This means lied to me. I had to go to the emergency room due to the amount of bumps on my neck, face and chest area. The medicine costs over 100.

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