On 3rd August, Jason from Compass Towing, scanned my daughters number plate and lodged a claim with 1st for Women, my insurance company, without my permission, knowledge or request. It was news to my ears when 1st for Women called me later the day, to confirm where the vehicle was towed to? I shockingly had to convince the consultant that the vehicle was not towed. The consultant refused to disclose the towing companies name. Saying they not allowed to give me that info? A second consultant called me a few hours later, asking the same thing, I had to convince her too that the vehicle was not in an accident and it was not towed away. She too refused to give me the details of the company but said she will cancel the claim. I called 1st for Women the next day, and got the towing company's from a 3rd consultant, who couldn't believe the first 2 wouldn't give it to me. I contacted the Jason at Compass Towing, who was evasive and defensive but then agreed to speak to me. He admitted that he should have received my permission to scan the number plate but had no excuse or reason for doing what he did. 1st for Women called me again on Monday, 7 August to ask where the vehicle was towed to… I explained again, that it was not towed away, and that Compass towing fraudulently scanned the number plate. The consultant confirmed that they had spoken to Jason from Compass Towing, who said he did not tow the car because my daughter only had a learner's licence. I confirmed that the reason he did not tow the car was because, there was no accident, no one phoned him, no one asked him anything, he contacted my insurance without my knowledge. After this, Jason rejected all my calls, I then spoke to his boss who was lost for words but did offer to have a talking to Jason. I wrote a letter of complaint to 1st for Women on Monday 7 August, I have received no response but an updated schedule and a letter confirming that 'my' claim was cancelled. I did not put in a claim. Compass towing did. I am the insured and all my details are open wide to towing companies, and yet I was refused the towing company's details? My argument is: IT IS MY CHOICE TO INVOLVE MY INSURANCE, I PAY THEM EVERY MONTH.

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