Conn's is good for people that can't qualify elsewhere. I've had 3 accounts with them and 2 are now closed. I always made my payments on time and the last account I paid off within the 12 months no interest period. If I didn't I would have paid double like my first account. During that year my score went up by 10 points only. Conn's states that they report to all three credit bureaus, but my September and October payments were not reported to Transunion.

I called both times about the issue and it was never resolved. They then stated that they would need me to fax them a copy of my report to prove that they're not doing what they claim to do. I guess they can't look and see that they're not doing their job. I don't see why I would make up a false allegation about not reporting. If you don't care about increasing your credit score or paying double because of the high interest, then Conn's is the place to go! Oh and I tried to leave this review on their personal website and I see that was never posted.

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