We know the due date on our account is the 1st and also know the payoff option can be lost after the 10th if we do not make our payment. The problem that we are having I guess is our own because my wife and I both are receiving anywhere from 5 to 9 HARASSING phone calls a day about our account and most of them are the automated message and if we answer we can't talk to anyone. We will make our payment as we always have on this account and the previous account that was at a higher amount and has been paid off.

We will not purchase again knowing we could receive the ridiculous number of calls starting on the next day after the due date. We have both talked to people about this and we were told we could get email notifications since my wife and I both have jobs that we are not allowed to be on at work so we have just blocked the numbers to avoid the bothering calls. One phone call a day at the most should be plenty from your company and it is not helping to get your payment any quicker. The customer is what keeps your business going and with issues like this, you will lose customers. Very disappointed.

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