Well I wish I could say better things but our experience has not been good at all. And I want everyone to be aware before they use conn's. We purchased a camera through conn's and are currently paying it off. Before we even left the store the woman who helped us added on a warranty that we did not even want and told her we did not want. I was wondering why our payment was double what someone else's was who got the exact same thing and didn't even put down a down payment like we did. So when we realized this warranty was added (which was almost the price of the camera itself) we had to go through an entire process to have it taken off. We submitted everything and never heard a word. A few months later we decided to call and they said it had been taken off but no money was ever taken off the account. We could have bought two of those cameras for the price of the camera and warranty.

So nothing was ever taken off our account even though they said they took off the warranty. To top that off we are being harassed by them. Our payments are due on the 4th. It says late after the 14th on our ticket stubs. The day after it was due on the 4th they called us 4 times. The next day they called us 7 TIMES. Today they have already called 6 times and they have called at really late hours of the night. We have a 7 yr old who is in school and a 6 months old so it is not appreciated. I am very upset and have sent an email to corporate telling them to knock it off. We have never skipped any payments. We ALWAYS pay each month! This place is a scam if you ask me and you are better off just saving for a product or appliance than to do anything through conn's.

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