I have been trying, for 2 days to get my previous phone number reactivated to my CC flip phone which I have had for several years. I had stopped using the flip phone because I was told by a prospective employer that I needed a smart phone. Silly me, did not realize that CC had such a device and went with another cheaper phone, wrong, returned that smart phone. WANTING to go back to my flip phone, bought a new SIM card, had it installed into my CC flip phone by the cell phone worker at Target and have yet, after 48 hrs. Been able to get service. Was told by the rep. At CC (after a 20 minute wait) that the new SIM card was invalid??? Gave all the necessary information to the CC rep. And was told it would take a couple hours to 'rebuild the service"?? Here I am yet without service and IT IS 24 HOURS LATER. Please help, i am very frustrated and i'm considering dropping cc all together.

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