Signed up for the 10.00 plan! That didn't work then I needed the 20.00 plan. That didn't work then the 38.00 plan. That didn't work then the 50.00 per month plan! I'm sure this isn't over until I leave. I turned off the iPhone two weeks ago. Can't enjoy it! That I'm sure will really cost me. Hostages. We are their hostages! They are the pirates of our lives! Dare you to use a minute! You will be Over Your Minutes! Then they locked me out of the online account. You have to call but the number you called that they displayed on the screen is you guessed it!"The wrong number"!!! So you are transferred! Getting bumped to next rate plan! But you can't access your account because they say the computer thinks someone was trying to get into your account other than you. So you must wait 24 hours until tomorrow afternoon they may let you back in! Call if there's a PROBLEM!!!

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