To all potential buyers of Coricraft furniture it may be worthwhile to read about our horrific experience buying from Coricraft and the pathetic after sales service received.
Buying furniture from Coricraft one definitely has an idea of excellence, good quality products as well as after sales support….NONE which was given by Coricraft!
We have bought 2 couches, plasma unit, sideboard, display unit, dining table and bench.
The couches had to be returned 3 times due to poor workmanship and leather quality. All the frames became squeaky in a matter of a few days, the leather had non natural marks and cuts on and on places where they have removed studs they just left the leather as is with little holes.
The bench had to be replaced twice as the first one was not level and the second one had a bump on the one corner. The display unit had to be returned twice due to a bump on the drawer caused by their delivery team and then a door which did not close properly.
For the third delivery I specifically requested that all products are thoroughly checked before it’s even loaded for delivery. It was confirmed that they have personally checked it yet it got here in a poor condition – telling me their standards are definitely not that of a customers.
When they returned to my house to replace furniture my front door and gate was butchered by their delivery team and we’ve had to put in a claim with them to get the door replaced and the gate fixed. We struggled weeks to get payment and feedback from them. At one point they also stopped answering my emails. At the second pick up one of the delivery guys broke one of my picture frames which he apparently didn’t see. I then commented on an ad they had on FB where they publically said they will get the situation with the payment and the poor furniture sorted.
All of this could still have been acceptable to some level if a professional approach was taken by their management but this was unfortunately also not the case. I insisted on talking to top management and got hold of the Head of the after sales department in Johannesburg. This man was shocked to hear all that has gone wrong and promised to sort this out – just delegating to someone in Cape Town who then also didn’t bother to get back to me and again I had to revert to him as he didn’t follow up nor returned any of my messages.
Coricraft agreed to take back all their furniture and only refund me after a pickup was made. None of this was due to any fault of our own yet we are now without furniture for 4 weeks as we had to order from a new supplier. They also offered a R4000 voucher as compensation for inconvenience caused but now say this is unfortunately no longer available as I have taken my order to another supplier.
After talking to various friends and family I have come to know that I wasn’t the only person who had this type of negative experience with Coricraft and many of them said they will NEVER buy from Coricraft again. One even had to return his table to get fumigated as it was invested with some type of bug. Talking to the delivery guys they admitted this happened a few times before where furniture had to be taken back to get fumigated.
So unless you think you want to take a chance on poor products, poor after service and a store going back on their word – rather opt for a different store where they value the customer and strive to deliver excellent products and service. It is after all your hard earned money you are spending!

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