Been waiting 1 month for my 50 inch sansung Tv to be repaired. It is still under warrentee, First the part had to be shipped ground, then 3 weeks later I was told that the tec was from Virginia, I live in New jersey. Questioning this was told he is the only one that works on this TV. And the part would be in his hands on friday. A schedule appointment for tuesday at 11-2 window ok, Then received a call saying tec was injured and he would be coming in the evening 5-7 NO SHOW. THEN would show up on wednesday 5-7 NO SHOW, meanwhile, while your escalation team told me he would be here, then while on the Phone the team says He said did not garantee that he would show up. Next its Thursday, I call at 9 30 and am told HOW about Saturday. If this didnt upset me so much I would have to laugh. Now at 10:10 I am waiting for yet another phone call from a team member to resolve this hurendus situation. Another hold. Another transfer. Now its next wednesday because the driver has the part and they can't get in touch with him. I am now up to the customer relation dept. Now I am told the tec has my panal either on his truck somewhere near a hospital or at his home which is in Virginia. Wish costco would get it together

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