2016-12-03 10:45am
I was the first one to pull up at the pump (one of four). Other cars pulled in after me. Jane the gas pump attendant with her trashy ear muffs started filling the cars that pulled up after me. Did not care about "First Come First Served". When confronted about it she went off to fill another car.
It seemed that Jane did not know what she was doing running helter-skelter and generally clueless. Could not speak proper English or respond to questions. Clearly needs a lot of Customer Service training and skills before she can be put in front of a customer.
Complained to the Costco manager but not sure if that is going to go anywhere.
This is not the first time Costco has taken people off the streets without training to serve customers.
Same thing happened 6 months ago at the Edison, NJ gas station and I can tell you it wasn't my fault either time.

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