I went to Costco on Renassaince Blvd.in ABQ, NM on Halloween and was horrified when I walked in the door and found a female greeter in blackface. I love shopping at Costco and agree with so many of their practices concerning workers, even admire them for letting them dress up for Halloween but this was over the line. The line at customer service was very long it being a Saturday, so I approached a floor manager who seemed as upset at the idea as I was. I asked her if she knew what black face was and she said yes. She assured me it would be handled and she left right away to deal with the matter. On my way out of the building, there was the greeter now at the exit checking receipts. I do not condone this behavior and really feel she should have been taken off the floor. Her outfit seemed to represent that of the Tyler Perry character Madea.

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