First of all, I've been with several different ISPs and Cox Communications is BY FAR the absolute worst. I have been with them for years now and I have been in at least three different locations in my city. I used to pay for 25 Mbps Download and would always get HUGE lag spikes and these aren't just occasional, they are every 2 minutes. They are so big that my speeds go down to 1.5 Mbps. Yes, that's right. So anyways, TODAY we upgraded our services hoping that these problems would stop. NOPE, they are still the exact same.

We upgraded to 100 Mbps DL and are still getting these stupid lag spikes where we get 1 Mbps speeds. Like I said before, this is a completely different house, in a different area of town. The incompetent at Cox can't even provide us with 2% of what we pay for. If there were negative stars I would give them -5. I can't believe how stupid this service is. When the problems started, they told us that it could be the modem. At the time we had an older model of the modem and that they upgraded their services and had a new modem out that could provide better speeds. Today we got the modem and this problem still persists. I can't explain how frustrating this company is.

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