My wife and I decided to trim our budget because of cutbacks at our jobs. We both work for the City of Phoenix who are downsizing and doing extreme budget cuts. We decided to return our four Cox converter TV boxes and reduce the TV service to basic.

During the process a young lady by the name of Brittany mentioned that she was looking at our account to try to trim some more charges off the bill. She was doing this to try to pacify my wife and I because she mentioned our internet service.

I interrupted her and told her that there was nothing wrong with my internet service and to just leave it alone. I had five computers, a tablet and two smart phones networked and operating perfect. I also use internet streaming of music and movies. My two daughters' computers are used extensively for home work and the homework website uses animation and video clips to teach.

Brittany continued to sow her seed of wickedness by mentioning that my modem was not up to speed. I told her that it is working just fine and if need be I can replace it and that I was experienced in computer networking. I perceived that Brittany mentioned my internet because she could tell that I stream movies from the internet. Brittany was not happy with me and it was noticeable by her attitude.

My internet speed was well over 100kbps before I turned in the Cox TV boxes. After using Cox Speed test Xfinity Speed Test and, all three tests showed an upload of 7kbps and a download of 5kbps.

This evil person Brittany assumed that I turned in the TV boxes and reduced my service to use other sources. Even if this was so, it's my choice how I use my internet that I pay Cox $64.00 Per month for.

I have paid one month for the lowest streaming and bandwidth offered by Cox at the tune of $64.00 per month. I will continue to monitor my connection speed and document it for another month. Afterwards, l will take my research to legal representation and have them document this wickedness with me.

I know Cox next move will be that it's my network, computers, my modem or router is the problem.

I've been with Cox for over 25 years and I have not had one hiccup or stumble in service until I turned in the TV boxes and reduced my service with them. I am not obligated to keep Cox pockets happy while my family suffers. If Cox can't stand the heat of Technology, then get out of the arena of technology.

Cox your enemy in the digital age.

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