Our internet service goes out on almost a weekly basis. Every time I call to report an issue I am told the same thing, reboot modem router etc. Even though I have already done it they are obsessed with it being done again and again even though I know that that is not the reason of the problem. After I jump through all the silly hoops they always want to schedule a technician appointment because they are convinced it's something on my end.

Now mind you this happens all the time and even though I tell them my neighbors are having the exact same problem it never sinks in that it's not my equipment and I just need them to send techs to fix the neighborhood problems, not something in my house. The last one I talked to informed me that they have to have 10 complaints before they will send out techs to investigate a wide spread outage. As I said this happens on a weekly basis and the cause of the problem is never really fixed. I have never had worse customer from any one business I have ever dealt with.

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