We have been with Cox for over 5 years. Today I finally said enough and cancelled my services. We've had so many billing issues as well as technical issues with both our internet and cable. They were supposed to cancel a channel package but instead continued charging me for a year and then refused to refund me because it was "my fault". I have had 5 techs out at my place in just the past 2 months, all of which told me different things as to why my internet was so slow and why my TV kept freezing. I got a new modem, new router, new boxes and still continued to have the same issues. Still none had an answer as to why. Not one of their customer service reps is knowledgeable and had every confidence in telling me that "they are unsure" like it was an acceptable answer. We signed up with dish today and even if the internet turns out to be slower I will still stand behind my decision and not supporting Cox.

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