Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service!!! I have been using Craigslist for a couple years to sell my artwork. I have not been able to upload pics to my postings for over 3 months now. Even pics I had attached to current postings were removed. I've tried to upload from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, my tablet & my phone, but none of them work. I get the same result each time. I select the file, the graphic shows that its uploading, but then nothing happens. I've checked the pics to make sure they're under 1000 pixels, so this is not the issue. I use Craigslist for business & this issue is really hurting my income. I've sent several emails to the customer service link, but only get a FAQ page in response, which does not help me at all. They have no phone number available, unless you're in law enforcement. I simply do not know where to turn to at this point.

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