I know you will send a automatic letter telling me to go to the site. The problem is I cannot get on the site, a error of certificate comes up for the last three months. Now I have been wasting time on the net looking for what might be going on. Apparently you have let the company get wreaked. That is really sad, a lot of us depend on your wonderful site. I sell to stay alive, I am bed ridden, and this has caused extreme hardship. I do not understand why if I am being blocked, why I am not told why I am. Or is there someone in your office, that plays a game, to see how they can upset people and randomly screws with people because they are a masochist. I hope to hear from you, I had to not use heat so far, as I do not have money as I am not able to generate money because of the error. So I think of you with tears in my eyes when I am shivering. Then again I saw someone say on this site that another site is blocking your site, if so why are you not doing something to protect yourself. And they think this is just, you are only screwing the small people. Then I saw that Google and other search engines are saying do not go past the Certificate error, they advise not to as our personal information will be stolen. I keep waiting each day to see when I can post. Is this an experiment to block people, I do not see the use of this. My father was a hot shot advertiser in Kenya serving many other countries in Africa. This blocking of masses of people will not lead to happy people. We are frustrated and you ignore our pleas, what is up people. Ella

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