The domestic & international trade commission is allowing this poisoning to continue possibly because full disclosure about triclosan was not provided to the Trade Commisions and FDA. I wrote a review in 2011 about Crest Prohealth products which should have included some of Sensodynes & Crest gum care toothpaste & mouth rinse. Many soaps and mouth products and objects & some clothing that claim they contain bacteria fighting or blocking ability contain a chemical that is also used to kill insects, called Triclosan which also has other names and its relatives are Irgasan DP-300, Lexol 300, Ster-Zac, Cloxifenolum. It also has a close cousin called triclocarban. Microban in plastics and clothing. Biofresh in acrylic fibers.

I have been seeking legal help for my damaged mouth and just found some today Nov. 17,2015. My mouth is still dry and gums never fully recovered, including the extra receding due to Crest products that I had used for a few years. My pharmacist informed me that she received many customer complaints like mine about Crest products.

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