I bought an expensive phone which works fine but as time goes by each new month it seems to be exhausting my data faster and faster which means… Guess what? We'll want more money cause you need more data. Customer service? Are you kidding, what customer service? Look at the other complaints on this site. Promises unkept, overpayments, no refunds. Hopefully this will catch the eye of a few State Attorney Generals who file a class action lawsuit. Cricket needs to answer to it, all that money they keep that was supposed to be refunded, hopefully they'll be investigated and some of those white-collar types will be brought back from the Caymans in handcuffs in front of their mistresses and tossed in jail, passports revoked.

They are the absolute worst at their word; "Call customer service for a refund." There is no customer service, it's an illusion. Get a decision maker on the phone – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Unless of course you don't mind talking to someone from a 3rd World Country still trying to figure how to feed their people and develop the atomic bomb. It's all about stalling, diverting, delaying, gate keeping, back peddling, shifting, being unavailable: $ucking the customer.

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