I called today 11/08/15, three times to speak to customer about "hot spots" that my new phone should have. But Cricket says that their network will not support my Motorola G phone. That their system still won't support my model phone. Although that had me buy new a new phone because they changed to a ATT system. I'm upset because I paid all this money and my phone still doesn't have a mobile hot spot service since March 16th 2014. I'm not impressed with the ATT acquisition of Cricket (as a long time customer of 10 years). They are not taking this transition for the customers serious. My service is worst since the new Cricket took over by ATT. My small business has suffered because I dont have the same services as provided by the old Cricket service.

Today the new Cricket customer service refused to consult with Motorola's technical dept. Saying there was no need to hear what Motorola had to say. Even though as a customer I insisted on hearing what they had to say, but denied by a Cricket supervisor. As a small business I had to buy a separate internet service plus a new phones. And now to be told that my phone I have purchased is still not compatible with the service they're providing Is a very disheartening attitude provided by Cricket. After waiting almost two years to get back to a comparable service that I once had!!! This new Cricket is very disappointing and as a customer I dont have a compatible services.

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