I was attracted to Cricket Wireless due to their offer of unlimited talk/text and 2.5GB data on five lines for $100. Unfortunately it was too good to be true. I set up an account and purchased one Cricket smartphone and a basic service plan as a trial before I added the additional four lines. To make a long story short, the service lasted less than 48 hours after activation and quit without explanation. Emergency calls only. Customer service blamed everything from a bad sim card to poor local coverage. But in the end had no idea what was wrong, and more importantly had no incentive to remedy the problem and keep a new customer. They refused to send out a new phone or refund the service plan fee that I never got to use. They made a weak promise of POSSIBLY refunding me the cost of the new two day old phone if they saw fit to do it. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Bar none, this is the WORST service company I have ever had the misfortune to interact with. I am still dumbfounded about how clueless and indifferent the customer service representatives were. If they couldn't read off of the prepared script in front of them, they literally had nothing to say! In the back of my mind I thought the service deal I mentioned above was too good to be true when I first read it. Guess what? It was! Do yourself a favor. Stay away from Cricket Wireless!

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