This is about their business practices and not their service.

So as you all know I'm really not the type of person to repost all the things to be repost or to blast a company… HOWEVER today I shall make an exception. First to start let me say to all the other business owners I know this is how NOT to promote your business. As some of you may or may not know every year local Central Florida dj's get together to do a wonderful event to raise toys for local needy children. It is a great event that I have been looking forward to again this year and I plan on donating to again as always. I as a person is someone that has volunteered and helped others in need my entire life from donating items such as clothing, food and toys to donating my time singing at retirement homes to people that may no longer have family near by to feeding sick children at Give Kids the World. Helping others is a huge part of my life, so when I see a company trying to exploit a charity event to try to gain views for their Black Friday Add, It REALLY makes me sick. That is by far one of the lowest things I think I have seen in a while. So A Big Shot Out to Cricket Wireless for the douche bag of the year award. Thanks to your Smithfield Cricket store. I mean how low can you get to spam your Black Friday add on a event page that was made for the holidays to get toy donation for children in need… Who after we brought this to their attention had the NERVE to offer us a FREE PHONE with paying the activation fees… Not even an I'm Sorry until I had to ask for one and not even from the store that made the error… Cricket is now on my short list of company's that I will never do business with. If they were the last phone company on earth I would go back to writing letters frown emoticon Keep it classy Cricket Wireless Smithfield Cricket Cricket Wireless please feel free to share and Happy Holidays!

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