When I started with Cricket a little over a month ago, it was a somewhat dubious start. I ordered the SIM card online because I didn't have to pay the $25 activation fee that way. When the card came with the adapter, it was really hard to get in, it was somewhat warped on one end. So hard, in fact, that I took it up to the store to have one of the CSR's do it so I didn't break it. I don't know how he jury rigged it in there, but it worked. A little over a month later, my phone stops working. This was my phone that I ported, not a cricket wireless phone. I go in yesterday to presumably just swap the cards out. No, my entire card reader is damaged and won't read a SIM card at all. So now, i'm forced to purchase another phone. I had to turn in my old phone just to get a $15.00 discount, and they were only willing to give me a $5.00 discount on a case. There is no manager at this location, only a district manager who comes in once a day at different times.

There are exactly 2 people who work in this store at all times. Having never been into a cricket wireless store, I don't even know if this is a corporate store or what. The customer service line can only tell me that they have satellite office. The CSR at the store, when I asked if this was a corporate store or a satellite office said, "it's just a store."

So I called customer service because I don't think I should have to pay at least full price for a brand new phone when it was one of their CSR's who damaged the phone in the first place. That phone, an LG G Vista was barely a year old, and the trade in was only $15! The customer service rep that i spoke with last night couldn't do anything and told me to call back today. Which I did, and got no where. They kept telling me i'd have to contact the manager at the store. And I kept telling them there was no such person. According to them, their customer service line is only set up for technical issues and to receive payments. What?! I spoke to one supervisor who told me i needed to go back to the store. And i kept saying, that doesn't make any sense, i was talking to customer service, why should i have to go all the way back to the store? So the supervisor tells me she's the only one of authority on the floor and she couldn't do anything. Since I wasn't hanging up, she put me on hold for another 5 minutes or so and then a manager miraculously appeared. I was on hold waiting for them to escalate to a supervisor for a LONG time. So I had to listen to the manager tell me how there is a manager at every store, how they aren't responsible and that i'd have to go back to the store.

I called the store, and was told that the district manager stops in at different times everyday and to leave my name and number and they'd call me back. Yeah, right. I also learned last night that the person who put the SIM card in my car got fired a couple of weeks ago. None of this is fair business practice and I AM LIVID. Not only that, but I have a Samsung HM1900 Bluetooth that I was assured would work with this new phone, it does not. And, when I asked the customer service rep for the corporate office number? They said they didn't have access to that information!

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