Received water from Culligan for years and was satisfied with the product and the service. That is why I am extremely disappointed to strongly not recommend this company anymore. One week my water didn't come as scheduled. I called in and was told too many people were on my route, they needed to make a change and would have my water out to me soon. I didn't receive water for 2 more weeks. For someone who only drinks this water and now is left with the tap, that's painful. Called again and was told I would have water by the end of the week. Didn't happen and the calls and empty promises continued about 6 more times. After 2 months without water, I began calling and asking to speak to the manager. Left two messages, he never called me back. Spoke to another rep who installs systems in the homes and he said he would call me back about that option, never did.

Finally accepted that they were not interested in serving me or losing me as a customer so I wrote a letter and sent it by mail asking them to pick up their empty bottles (which I should receive my deposit back for) and close my account. That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from them and the bottles were still on my deck until last night when I dealt with the bottles myself. I looked online to find the supervisor or the area manager so I could get some accountability for such terrible service, but I didn't find who that would be. Now I have installed an under the counter system for $300 from another company and in the process found out that reverse osmosis filtration is not so great after all. So I am glad I am no longer with Culligan. I recommend not making the mistake of depending on this company in the Triangle area for anything.

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