I had a clogged main pipe i called warranty company. They sent someone out In a timely fashion. But when they got there they didn't have the tools they needed. They sent back to get the tools/ snake. Took about 3 hours but they came back. The snake was to small for the job I believe. They said they ran about 75 feet and hit something. They assumed it was a root but no one put a camera in the pipe to know for sure. They submitted the report to home warranty and the said they don't cover roots or beyond the house. I called serial times and noted that they did not confirm that it was a root. But no one would hear it. 2 weeks go by and call a second opinion after calling the same plumbing company to only get voice mail. The other plumber comes out and runs a snake in the same pipe and unclogged the pipe. I would like to be reimbursed the cost of the second plumber. Two weeks no water, 100 dollars for nothing and my toilet needs to be resealed. Please look into this claim and reimburse. The money I payed for a job that should have been done the first time…. claim# 92705119

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