Absolutely horrible. I don't even know why they existed. They always get the cheapest brand for our prescriptions. Honestly, I was allergic to one particular brand of medicine. They gave it to me and blame it on the doctor for not prescribing the correct brand of medicine. I am just like, "What the?" I stated so many time that I cannot use that brand but every time… This is why I switched back to Walgreens. The Walgreen in Brookhurt Street in Anaheim is pitifully crap. I am blown away how horrible their customer service is. I came in to exchange my medicine because they gave me the wrong one and they had the nerve to tell me to come back five days later to talk to their manager. What does the manager even do? Party all day and ditch work? Pathetic. I believe Walgreens has the best service compared to this CVS. It is time-consuming and truly so annoying.

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