CVS Pharmacy refused to fill my asthma prescription even though I was in their computer system, I had to call Emergency Paramedics since I could not breathe without the medication.

I got a prescription from Urgent Care for Albuterol in a nebulized form. My doctor called it in to a CVS that closed at 6pm and I didn't know it, so I arrived too late to pick it up. I had just received a nebulizer treatment at Urgent Care and thought I could possibly make it through the night since I have never had a serious bout or acute bout with asthma, I still felt fine. This night was different for some reason and I began to have more difficulty breathing at 8pm. I realized I could possibly call an alternate 24hr CVS to get my prescription filled anyway if my prescription was in the system. It was in their computer system but the 24hr CVS REFUSED TO FILL MY LIFESAVING BREATHING MEDICATION even though I told them it was an emergency, I was having trouble breathing! They said since the first CVS had already filled it they couldn't give me the Albuterol no matter that the circumstances were life threatening.

I had the pharmacist get her supervisor, waited 10 minutes, and she came back telling me there was nothing she could do. I'd have to get an over the counter Nebulizer Asthma treatment.

Well, I tried to make it through the night without Albuterol since I had an oxygen machine (my older dog used to use the oxygen when he was sick, not me) and also tried to get by with the over the counter medicine.

I was scared to drive to Emergency because I knew I wouldn't have the oxygen with me and probably couldn't survive the waiting room… I was forced to call the paramedics in the morning and ended up in ICU for 3 days on a ventilator, diagnosed with an acute asthma attack.

I talked to CVS Corporate customer service by telephone after I got home, and they said there is a "glitch in their computer system" that prevents the pharmacist from overriding any pre filled prescription. I told them the nurse in ICU told me that she works for CVS as a nurse tech and that CVS completely made a life threatening mistake and she couldn't believe that CVS refused to give me the life saving breathing medicine, she said at least CVS should have called an on-call pharmacist or Doctor to get an approval for at least a few doses of the Albuterol for just overnight.

I told CVS I wanted Corporate to get back to me as soon as possible because I do not want this to ever happen to any other asthma patient ever again. I have not heard back from CVS and I am thinking of telling our local news station. I believe this is very serious and needs to be addressed. CVS customer service could not reassure me this would never happen again due to the "glitch" in their system.

CVS does not care if a customer needs life saving medication. This needs to be fixed!!!

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