I have been dealing with cvs for years I put in 2 prescription for my husband who has cancer I was told it was 91.00 it seemed high to me but I paid it after I went home I noticed they only put it through one of my husbands drug plans medicare and did not put it through care mark I went back and complained to store and was told I would get refund was told they did refund wrong and manager gave me 91.00 refund wow what a difference from 5.00 now I was told it happened because they do not have my secondary caremark in the computer why no good answer was given to me after many calls whats going on they told me 2 times to bring in my husbands cards now they are SAYING THEY ARE only billing medicare THEN WHY DO I HAVE A SECONDARY INSURANCE IF CVS CANT BILL THEM AND I FIND IT FUNNY BECAUSE ITS CVS CREMARK INSURNCE WHT IS GOING ON I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS CVS AND THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE THEY NEED TO BE RETRAIN NASTY PEOPLE, WHY ARE THEY JUST BILLING MEDICARE AND NOT BOTH INSURANCE COMPANIES I NEED A ANSWER IMMEDIATELY I AM GETTNG NOWHERE CALLING YOUR CVS OR CAREMARK THE TORE IS ON HYLn blvd staten island ny

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