I have had the worse experience in your 90th Street Northern Blvd NY location. I filled the script using the app and received an email confirmation. However, when I went to the store they told me it wasn't in the system!
This happened after 29 minutes of wait! Four other individuals were behind the counter and none of them took the initiative to help the only cashier that looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
Without any explanation he told me to move aside and began to assist the next customer. Clearly, he thought that a person named Muhammad didn't deserve any customer service!
No one else stepped up to help either.
I went home and refilled the same script and it again confirmed that I could pick the medication at 7:00 pm.
I went back to the store with another confirmation but they told me they had nothing for me! I was beyond furious because he told me that I had to come back at midnight because now they couldn't fill the script because there hadn't been 30 days yet!
I reminded him that the prior month had 31 days so he could fill it but he continued to say no.
I am a trader that holds a rather large stake in CVS and the first thing I am going to do is to sell all my shares.
Next I will call in all my favors and ask MS and HPM to do the same.
In addition, I will request that most traders stop trading this stock.
I want to see this company be bought for pennies on the dollar.
I am also going to use my contacts at various media outlets to publish the discrimination that I suffered at the hands of your racist employee! I have had others fill the script even if I was two days early and having a doctor in the family makes me well aware of the fact that, in fact, they can fill the script 48 hours prior to the exact refill time!
I will never shop at any of your locations and I am going to demand from my grandfather's fillowers (2 million strong) to do the same!
A most disgusted customer!!!

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