I tried to return an unopened wet jet mop today at CVS in Martinez, CA & cannot believe that because I didn't have my receipt, the manager would only give me half the amount I paid for it before taxes! Hey! No way, I'm a good customer, I've spent over $300 at that store & im not getting back half of what I paid ($30) so I left w / mop cause Mgr. Was on phone so I didn't get to talk to him! Last time I shopped in there I had a question about a candle I previously purchased so I brought one to counter just like it. After discussion was done & I leave store, cashier had put the candle in my bag! So I went back in & gave it back to her & she was very grateful & acted surprised; it was a big candle & not cheap. So if I can be fair & honest with them, that's exactly what I expect in return, not to be SCREWED BY THEM!!

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