On 11/10/2015, at approximately 20:00 hours, I arrived at the CVS located at 1685 Tully Road, San Jose CA, 95122. Upon entering the store I obtained a red hand carry shopping basket and began walking toward the area where the shaving items are on display. Before I could walk down the isle a white male CVS staff walked quickly in my direction and said "can l help you find something?" in a loud voice as if were trying to deter me from theft. I replied to the CVS Staff worker in a loud voice "No! Looks like you're working quality control" and he laughed.

I continue shopping for various items in the store when I noticed that I was being followed at a distance by another CVS worker who was of an ethic race, who walked rapidly up to me while I was in the process of selecting a beverage from the cooler. He stated in a loud voice, "do you need help finding something?" I stated "No! And if I need your help I will ask for it!" It was obvious that he was racially profiling and following me in the store. There were other customers in the store that walked in after me and I noticed that they did not follow or ask them if they need help. This has got to stop!

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