I ordered a sleeper Sofa on October 4th and was guaranteed the item on October 22nd. The item is still not here, it is November 18th, and it is still not here. Also, it was supposed to be delivered to my house today, with a 4-hour span that has to be signed for. I am a teacher and already took off the afternoon in order to receive my product. This obviously cost me half of a personal day. Then, when the shipping company called, they said that my order did not make it onto the truck. So, since they only deliver every other week, it will not get to me for another 2 weeks. I had originally had ordered this through Sears and they would not do anything about expediting the shipping. There is no ramification for any of this. Again, I order this on the assumption that it was going to be here so that guest had a bed to sleep on.

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