My comments is for the corporate office. My daughter was wrongfully fired on the phone by a manager name Nakia Stewart. My daughter name is Alliyah Stewart she was waiting for the bus which was delayed due to a homecoming parade. My daughter called her manager to inform her of the situation and she had an attitude with my daughter and told her don't come back! When my husband got home I went in the Dairy Queen on westbank expressway in Louisiana. I asked the young girl to see the manager. It took her about 15 minutes to see me. I told her it was unprofessional how she treated my daughter. My daughter is responsible hard worker, christian, in College. She did not deserve to be fired over the phone. I told her this is why your turnaround is so bad because of your bad attitude towards good people that want to work. She then stated that she didn't fire my daughter that she was upset at the time. I pray corporate get this because all of the managers in this store have attitudes Nikoletta, Amanda. The store is a great location but the attitudes will cause you to shut down. Personally my daughter was a breath of fresh air. She loves people she's going to college to be a nurse. I let my daughter turn in her uniform on November 7,2015. I told Manager Nakia Stewart I expect her pink slip when she picks up her last check. These managers need to be trained on how to handle the employees. They are team players give them incentives employee of the week, month to help the morale. Thank you for your time. I can be reach Leslie Poole

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