I bought my dress and I wanted to do major alterations. I never took my dress home, I left it there. When I went back, after 6months, they never did any alterations to my dress and they fired the alteration lady. So, I worked with another girl, and I spent a lot of money creating a new dress. Then my grandma got sick, so I was back and forth to NY and I pushed the wedding back and my Grammy passed away 1/2015: (… Needless to say I never picked up my dress, but I called and told them I pushed my date back and I had a death in my family. I heard from no one at David's Bridal, absolutely no one.

From day one it was poor customer service. So, I call to pick up my dress and they said they donated it. They're lying. They resold it cause it was a beautiful creation. They said I abandoned it, but no one called me to pick it up. I thought it was okay. I spoke w / store managers to corporate managers with no justice. I have lost my money I payed for my dress, my dress, and I have a wedding coming up. I'm so upset and sad. What kind of people are they? They have no conscience. Do not go to David's bridal.

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