I retained Davison’s services back in 2011 to create a prototype to an invention idea I had. Everything was great and flowed smoothly as they did a pretty good job feeding me with a system of bs for 3 years. During that time Davison claimed to be researching ANY products similar to and will disclose this in their research. Meanwhile they were creating a prototype made by the products they researched. Davison packaged someone else's product that was already on market and sent it to me as my own prototype! Not once but they did this twice. Both times we were waiting for our prototype. For over 4 months they fed us with bs that they were making a invention not in market. My prototype sent to me is an identical product to two different products on market.

Do your research and go somewhere else before losing your money and time with Davison. We are filing our complaints with BBB and other law enforcement agencies about this scam. Davison is a scam. Don't be scammed like we were for over $15,000. I could have went on the open market and bought what they sent me for $200. I paid $15,000 to have them send me two different already made products they packaged from another inventor or company.

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