So far I must say my experience has been good. Mr. Has been a great help. He has gone out of his way to help me. That should make The Davison Corp. Very proud. As for my product (The Mountain Cane), it is being noticed finally outside my small circle. I do not know if my cane is or has been on the market before. I just know some very important people (doctors, physical therapist) have noticed my cane and were very impressed with it – seven so far.

In 2004, I broke my back for the second time. My sciatic nerve was damaged this time. The doctor told me it was too many years of welding (20)… Well, I had no savings, surviving paycheck to paycheck – we got by. Then it all stopped, for three and a half years I battled the Social Security Administration, and finally got Medicare and 800 dollars a month. For this reason, I pray the mountain cane is a worthy product, so I can give back to my children. They have suffered along with me. They deserve more than a Thank You. So, my hope and dreams belong to Davison. My experience has been good. I am grateful for that. Thank you. If I could get one thing, it would be a Christmas for my children, finally.

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