I reserved a room for Saturday November 21,2015 through hotels.com with Days Inn & Suites in Santa Cruz, CA. I have stayed at this hotel two or three times in the last 6 months and always enjoyed my stay. Unfortunately this time the hotel staff was very rude and completely ruined my whole trip. I left the hotel around 11am (checkout). We were packing up the car and had the music playing, when the hotel manager (Katrina Jenkins) came out and yelled at us and told us to leave because we had the music "blasting" she said. We left right away and headed out to breakfast.
When we got to the restaurant my credit card was declined, I went online to check my balance and noticed I had $300 worth of charges from the hotel. Right away I called the hotel and spoke with Katrina the manger and asked about the charges she told me that we were smoking weed in the parking lot and that I would be charged $350 for that and we are never welcome back. We were never smoking on the hotel premises.
I headed back to the hotel to try to get my money back. She told me she would not return the money. I asked her for her supervisor name and number and she wrote down her name and number and said that she is the general manager and that is the only information she could give us. I was extremely upset because not at this point if I withdrew any more money from my account I would be over draw my account. I felt like the hotel robbed me and was full of anxiety. I didn't know what else to do so I called the Santa Cruz Police.
When they police arrived they asked the manager to refund us the money but the manager said she was unable to do that because we were blasting the music and she could smell weed, and that we smoked in the room because it smelled like weed, and she wanted us off her property right away. She made me feel like she has a personal grudge against me and I felt really uncomfortable. I asked the officer to go check the room to see if it smelled like smoke. When the officer came back down he said that it did not smell like weed at all. I use medical marijuana for serious health conditions but never smoked in the room or on the hotel premises. Like I said before I have stayed at this hotel multiple times before and never had any problems. I feel like the manager was having a bad day and completely taking it out on me. This was a major inconvenience as we did not have money to pay for gas to get home and completely ruined my vacation. I will be pressing charges against the hotel and fighting this as much as possible. I have filed a police report reguading this incident.

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