I was staying at the Days inn and I checked in with no problem. The day after I checked in I realized our refrigerator wasn't working so I called down to the front desk to get it fixed. Someone came up hit it a few times and says that it was on defrost mode and that it should get cold soon.in the morning o checked it and it still wasn't cold but I was in a rush for work so I decided to just call them when I got back. That night I called the front desk twice but no one answered. So in the morning I called again and when the guy answered I told him that I would like someone to come fix my refrigerator because I had called twice the night before and no one answered. His response was "I was here last night and I always answer the phone" and I told him I called twice and no one did but that's not the issue I just want my fridge fixed. He then got angry at me asking me if I wanted to check out and I repeated my I just want my fridge fixed. Then he got angrier and demanded that I bring my things down to check out of my room because he was kicking me out I asked why and then he hung up on me. So I go down to the front desk almost in tears and tried to rectify the situation. He then told me that I was lying on him and that he was there last night and he always answers the phone and he wanted me out. At this point I'm confused and hurt because I had no need to lie and the fact that he didn't answer the phone was not a big deal I JUST WANTED MY FRIDGE FIXED!!! So I really just want an apology he should have never made me feel like anything was my fault I'm the guest paying to stay here and he made it seem like I was guilty of something. And to top it off he was the owner of the establishment he said his name was Kevin.

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