There were two girls working the desk on 10/23 and 10/24, and they traded a name tag that said Cheniqua on it. One would wear it when she was behind the desk, and the other would wear it when she was. Returning to our room 10/24 evening, we found that one of the beds had not been made. Wet towels that should have been replaced were left. No attempt to straighten the quarters was made. When I called the front desk to advise them of this, "Cheniqua" asked me if there had been anything left on the bed that wasn't made. I told her no.

Then she asked me if we had put the Do Not Disturb hanger on the outside of the front door. I told her no, and that BOTH sides of the hanger said Do Not Disturb, and since we wanted maid service we left it off. Not sure what either question had to do with anything. She then told us she could give us housekeeping, but they had already gone home. This tells me she doesn't care, period. If no contact from corporate on complaint, no more Days Inn for me and mine.

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